A good photo captures the subject, but a subject against a background that compliments it... now that's what makes a photo great!



If you've never heard of Smaug, then you are amongst the minority. Indeed, many people who never heard of Tolkin's literary masterpiece flocked to see the second movie in the last trilogy just to catch a glimpse of a revered medieval creature. The primary villain of "Lord Of The Rings: The Desolation of Smaug", this magnificent creature was the epitome of the classic notion of a dragon - incredibly imposing, absolutely cunning, and terrifyingly deadly! Whatever the opinion movie goers had about the film itself, I heard no complaints about Smaug. He was every bit the antagonist everyone expected him to be.

It was in March of this year when Air New Zealand's ZK-OKO came into SFO. That airline's Bowing 777 has served as a flying billboard for the trilogy for some time, and is incredibly popular wherever it goes. I was fortunate that the sun broke out from behind some thick clouds to illuminate the airliner as it crossed my lens - the lighting provided sharp contrast from the dark, angry skies that seem to compliment Smaug's evil nature.

Photo Information

Subject - Boeing 777-319ER

Print Fomat - 16x9

Camera - Canon 6D

Lens - Canon EF 24-105mm

Focal Length - 105mm


ISO - 400

Shutter Speed- 1/1250

Aperture- f/10