Alex Esguerra

"What has always captivated me about aviation is it's raw power, it's captivating beauty, and the wonderment it stirs within as those magnificent machines break the bonds of Earth. I see planes as a collection of paint strokes on the canvas that is the sky, doing things my ancestors never dreamed possible, and in ways that just boggle the mind. "

Alex has dabbled with photography since the age of 14, but only recently has he seriously aimed to make it more than an occasional interest. Merging it with his primary love of aviation, he photographs planes in ways that he hopes will do more than just capture a permanent image of a given aircraft. Using not often considered angles and typically disdained lighting conditions, each of his photographs aims to draw the viewer in, allowing them to appreciate the subject in an entirely different way - one that stirs both the emotions as well as the imagination.

Alex's occupation and main hobby are not surprisingly, aviation related. He has worked in the field for over twenty years, nearly half of it specializing in Airport Operations, while he tries to fill his downtime with flying recreational aerobatics.



Canon Models 6D, T2i, and G11, iPhone 4/5